7 Natural Ways to Remove Acne

There are plenty of reasons why the acne breaks out all over your face—the stress, greasy and spicy foods, hair products and much more. Seeing the dermatologist isn’t a good option for those who can’t afford the treatment. However, you can start with a simple step about how to remove acne with natural ways and do some good new habits.

1. Detoxify Your Body with Healthy Juice

If the pimples and other skin problems start ruining your look, you better go for detoxification. Removing all the toxins including the microbes clogging the skin pores with organic veggies and fruits are a good beginning. You can make a glass of healthy juice from the mixture of broccoli, celery, cucumber, and apple—add a tablespoon of honey to enrich the flavor. Enjoy it every morning (five days a week).

2. Drink Much Mineral Water

Water contains varied minerals like calcium and magnesium need by our body. The benefit is not only about to keep you stay hydrated and fit, but it also turns out that the compounds help you to clear away the toxins and overabundance oil. Drinking three liters per day is able to solve your acne problem and refresh your look—not to mention the smooth and clean skin. Bring a small bottle of mineral water wherever you go.

3. Avoid Junk Food and Go for Organic Food

The simplest way on how to remove acne is to avoid any sort of processed foods such as junk food and the preserved one. They easily intoxicate blood and other organs causing you get breakouts. Having fresh organic veggies and fruits for either lunch or dinner is highly recommended. Put them on salad, soupy meal or just eat raw. For the carb option, use the whole grain bread instead of pasta or steamed rice. 

4. Say No to Dairy Product

A reason why you should stay away from the cow’s milk or dairy-related products is due to its content, filled with growth hormones. The researchers found that they lead hormonal imbalances within the body so that you will easily gain some weight and definitely the irritating pimple. Instead of having a cheesy sandwich for lunch, munching on tossed salad comprising of greens and garnishes is the best pick.

5. Apply Natural Toner on Your Face

Women and make-up are two inseparable things—toner can’t be missed. Its chemical ingredient might cause irritation and even serious skin problems. Now, it's time to change your old toner into a natural one. How to make it? Simply mix a tablespoon of apple vinegar plus 3 tablespoons of filtered water. Then, use a sterile cotton pad which has been saturated in the mixture, and dab it on the influence area.

6. Do Yoga

If you are workout fanatics, practicing yoga to get rid of the stubborn pimples is great to do. Although it doesn't have a direct impact on your affected skin, you will find yourself more balanced and happier. The psychological condition helps you in scaling stress levels down and boosting your mood. The positive energy inside your body feeds your active cell to keep reproducing and removing all toxins.

7. Take Enough Rest

The natural detoxification, making your skin glow, can be your quality time in sleep. The biological process always occurs during nigh time. In addition to that, taking some adequate rest at least 7 to 8 hours is good to reduce frustration and refresh your mind. To avoid pathetic insomnia, sip a glass of warm non-dairy milk.

The 7 easy, natural ways on how to remove acne are surely effective and save your money. Have fun trying!

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7 Natural Ways to Remove Acne

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